Serving the under-served riders of ADV, Dual sport, Enduro, Trials, and Trail bike owners

Most real riders are not impressed by large dealers who only want to sell you a bike, and without a care of how it is demonstrated, set up, or delivered.

We aim to serve our customers as we would like be served.

Educated not just sold! Anyone can sell a bike but how many shops will set it up for you?

With the right spring rate for you, the right tires, the proper riding gear, adjusted to your needs

And then follow up with you as you go along your journey in the great off-road.

The under-served riders are; maybe new to dirt biking, or returning to dirt bikes, 

or maybe a family Without a clue as to what it will take to get out there and have fun learning to ride together.

Some riders have been riding a long time but have lost touch with other riders or may want to improve their riding skills.

Our plan is to have regular riding clinics, workshops, group rides, fun events, and comradery to share our passion for being outdoors.

Don't become discouraged by the lack of interest of other shops, or the local hot shot that doesn't have the breath to talk with you, 

We want to help build you up and become the Bike Guys you wanted to know!




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