With the cost of a new bike, or any bike for that matter costing up to $10,000 or more, the system that the new owner gets is a sales job. 
Without the chance to ride one, without it being set up for that rider, without some basic instruction by a experienced riding coach.

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We have a combined 50+ years of racing experience, but we are not just about racing.

Our riders have competed in National level Hare & Hound, Hare scrambles, Moto-cross, D-36 Enduros,

 ISDE qualifiers, MRANN series, Score Baja 1000, NORRA Mexican 1000, Best in the Desert,

 ARMA Nationals, WORCS races, AMA flat track, Road racing, and Trials events.

We have ridden and raced in Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho and more!

Experience? you bet!.. been there done that!

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"I'm tired of being treated like a number, I have questions, concerns and a real need to know that my dealer really knows what they are talking about! 

Are they concerned that the machine I want is the best for me?

What can they do to help me enjoy the experience of buying a bike and  turn it into a life long sport that will give me the confidence and pleasure of off-roading ?"

-Tom B. A new rider


Northern Nevada is crisscrossed with great riding from the desert to the High Sierra's

As this site is developed, we will up load information on areas to ride, maps, photos, up coming​ events, coaching classes, group rides, demo days, service information, and the latest gear and equipment


We are in the process of locating a building to open the shop.

A calendar is being developed to list events that the customer will want to know about.

Get ready boys and girls there will be shop you can relate to with real riders to answer all your questions, like...

What is the best bike for me? How should it be set up for best results?

 What gear is really the best and what is just fluff?

Who can help me by coaching, to improve my riding skills and riding safety? 

Who will allow me to ride the bike BEFORE I lay out my hard earned cash?

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